Video: Hunting Fish on the Cape Cod Salt Flats

This is one of the best videos we’ve seen about wading the flats for striped bass. Angler Tom Richardson walks his way onto the flats in Brewster, Massachusetts, turning this amazing landscape into a hunting ground for the striped bass enthusiast. The narration and editing of this production are top-notch.

6 thoughts on “Video: Hunting Fish on the Cape Cod Salt Flats”

  1. which are the best places to wade fly fish for strippers in cape cod .
    which is the best month for this .
    I have 8 wt Orvis rod and reel is that ok .
    which flies should I carry

    1. There are literally hundreds of great places all across Cape Cod to fly fish for stripers. The flats shown in this video are one great area, but if you look on Google Earth you’ll see dozens of fishy inlets, estuaries and even some boulder fields. I use a 9 weight setup and have caught fish up to 46 inches. I would recommend starting with big flies in the 7-10 inch range to imitate mackerel, pogies and other large baitfish. Then if you encounter finicky fish that are on small bait such as sand eels, then give smaller, more slender flies a try. I’m not sure if they allow links here in these comments, but here is a video of my most memorable Cape Cod fly fishing experience thus far Gluck and LMK if I can help with anything else!

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