Video: Hunting the River Monster

When you’re running through a list of places around the world where you can catch really big brown trout, Italy doesn’t usually come up, but this video might make you rethink things a bit. Shot in the far north of the country, this video shows some anglers having pretty good luck when the river turns high and murky. And that fish at the end is a quality brown trout in any country.

One thought on “Video: Hunting the River Monster”

  1. This is so true. When I first got stationed in Italy I had now idea what a great fishery Northern Italy really was and how many truly BIG trout were in that region. The Soca Valley in Slovenia is no doubt famous for the Marble trout but Italian rivers also hold big Marble trout also. Italy also has an abundance of Grayling, Rainbows, Browns, and Hybrid Brown/Marble trout in their rivers. I was truly blessed and lucky have spend 3 years in Italy and to this day remains one of my favorite places to swing flies. Both Italy and Slovenia do a great job managing their fisheries as well. Both have made great strides in restoring and preserving water ways that hold Marble trout. Just in the past few years they have stopped stocking non-native Browns and Rainbows in rivers that hold Marble trout. The also have made many rivers or sections of rives catch and release, fly fishing only. Italy also closes sections of rivers for repopulation when needed. Anyone seeking a trip to Europe shouldn’t pass over a chance to swing flies in Italy.

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