Video: Ike and Dick Go Fly Fishing

Here’s a cool piece of footage from the summer leading up to the 1952 presidential election, featuring Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and then-Sen. Richard M. Nixon. The two men are out in Colorado, supposedly talking strategy, but it looks like Ike is interested only in the fishing. We see him offer Nixon a few casting tips, and then it’s off to the stream, where Nixon looks none too comfortable. It’s a cool piece of American fly-fishing history.

Ike without Nixon tagging along.

One thought on “Video: Ike and Dick Go Fly Fishing”

  1. The photo is little boy falls on the upper magalloway in maine. I grew up fishing up there and the is a little plaque just below the falls on river left. When I was little “1980”, we had to fly in. There are roads but they are gated most of the time. That place still could be my favorite place on earth.

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