Video: In the Heart of the Rockies

The northern Rockies are known for their majestic peaks, gorgeous rivers, abundant wildlife, and amazing natural beauty. At the same time, the area offers some of the finest hunting and fishing in the Lower 48. This film from Conservation Hawks showcases this incredible landscape through the eyes of the sportsmen and women who know it best, including fly fishers Hilary Hutcheson and Todd Tanner; elk hunter Craig Mathews; upland-bird hunters Dave Perkins, Nancy Mackinnon, and Phoebe Bean; and ice fisherman Hal Herring.

“In the Heart of the Rockies” also shines a bright light on the threat the region faces from our changing climate. Fish and wildlife are impacted by the record high temperatures, diminishing snowpacks, longer droughts, dying forests, and extreme wildfires associated with human-caused climate change. Now it’s time for America’s patriotic hunters and anglers to stand up and protect these iconic landscapes for our children and grandchildren.

For more information, visit Conservation Hawks.

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