Video: Incredible Footage of Dorado Chasing Down Prey

While this is not a fly-fishing video, it is a flying-fish video and most definitely the coolest thing you’ll see today. These scenes from an episode of the BBC’s “The Hunt” is called “Hunger at Sea,” and it features astonishing footage of dorado (mahi mahi) chasing schools of flying fish. The predator-prey action is fast and furious and will definitely get your heart racing. If reincarnation is real, I sure I hope that I don’t come back as a baitfish.

7 thoughts on “Video: Incredible Footage of Dorado Chasing Down Prey”

  1. I remember fishing off the coast of North Carolina and the flying fish were landing all over the boat trying to get away from something in the water. We were catching some Dorado (Dolphin fish is what we called them) from time to time that day.

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  3. This is a common sight off of Ft. Lauderdale, FL and how many fishermen track down the schools of dolphin. Frigate Birds are not so common there but plenty of other flying predators would enjoy the feast. High marks to the film crew, director, editor and producers for bringing this dramatic footage to all of us. I love to hear John Cleese narrating. I was waiting for the giant hedgehog to leap out of the abyss to inhale Dimsdale Piranha!

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