Video: Introducing the New Battenkill Disc Reel

Orvis has been producing a reel called the “Battenkill” on and off since the 1960s, reinventing the concept several times. The reel is named, of course, for the iconic river that flows through the valley near Orvis headquarters in southwestern Vermont. In this great video, Tom ties the history of that river the concept behind the new Battenkill Disc Reels.

Like the river, the reels are beautiful, but not exclusive. The seven models, which will fit a 1-weight through an 11-weight Spey rod, range in price from $149 to $199. You get a lot for that price, too: gorgeous design, a ported jewel fishing, and a fully sealed drag system that incorporates six interacting carbon and stainless drag surfaces.

Click here for a chance to win the battenkill Disc Reel of your choice.

3 thoughts on “Video: Introducing the New Battenkill Disc Reel”

  1. Congratulations Tom for an excellent historical presentation on the Battenkill. Of course the promotion for the new reel was a perfect fit in this piece.

  2. For the luck this might help me in a situation…

    I enjoy the “softness” of Battenkill, have two.. I have had the Battenkill 5/6 for, well, about 25 years…. Last year the “Brake tab” fell off and to the bottom of the river… Non negotiable situation!! Any way, might I be able to find a replacement “tab”???
    B. regards,
    JDJ. KEF

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