Video: Introducing the New Orvis Recon Fly Rods

You have all heard of the new Recon Fly Rod Series by now, but you might not have seen this great video, which takes you from the Recon’s genesis in our rod shop in Manchester, Vermont, to a spring creek in Idaho. And if you haven’t already entered our drawing to win one of these beauties, click here to do so.

2 thoughts on “Video: Introducing the New Orvis Recon Fly Rods”

  1. Can’t wait to throw one of the new RECON 5 wt’s.

    Over the course of the last couple of months, I’ve cast the Sage ONE, Sage Accel, Sage Method, Scott Radian, Winston BIII LS, Winston BIII X, Scott G2 and the Orvis Helios 2 (Tip Flex) — and the walked away liking the Helios 2 the best. It is an awesome fly rod for in-close casts (less than 30 ft), as well as mid-range (35 – 50 ft) and long casts (65+ ft). The accuracy is exceptional, and the swing weight and feel are phenomenal.

    The only reason I didn’t find a new Helios 2 under the tree last month was because I knew that Orvis was going to offer their own knock-off of it (sorry, no offense intended) with the introduction of the RECON. I know that the RECON doesn’t use the same materials, and possibly not even the same construction process, but I’ve been told and lead to believe that it comes very close to the performance of the Helios 2.

    Don’t get me wrong. If after throwing the RECON it doesn’t fulfill my expectations (e.g. Performance, Swing Weight, Feel, etc.), I’m going to pick-up and buy the Helios 2. But I’d rather spend $425 for a new rod and spend remaining $370 for a new reel, or other fly fishing gear.

  2. Awesome design that appeals to 20 somethings like myself. Would love to throw with one of these on Oregon waters when I return from Afghanistan.

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