Video: Introducing the New Silver Sonic GUIDE Waders

Today’s the day we start shipping the first pairs of the New Orvis Silver Sonic Guide Waders—bar none the best, most fully featured waders Orvis has ever made—and we’ve got a snazzy new video to help us celebrate.

These waders are so tough that they inspired copywriter John Van Vleet to wax epically: “If these waders magically turned into people, they would have thick Viking beards, smell like freshly chopped lumber, and carry you around everywhere you wanted to go.” That’s pretty tough.

And don’t forget that we’re offering everyone a chance to win a pair of these bad boys. Just click on over to last Friday’s giveaway post and enter.

Click here to learn more about the Silver Sonic Guide Waders.

Click here to enter to win a pair!!

7 thoughts on “Video: Introducing the New Silver Sonic GUIDE Waders”

  1. Forgive me if you have already addressed this, as I have yet to see the guide waders up close and in person. Have you addressed the issue of the neoprene booty not being ergonomically shaped? I have the Orvis Silver Sonic convertables and my only issue with them is the booties. There is so much material and it isn’t shaped like a foot, that is bunches up and folds over inside my boots.

  2. GREAT Video!!….Who has it better then the Harrison boys?..Fishin for a livin….Keep up the good work


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