Video: Irish Fly Fishing in Glorious 4K

Not many Americans think of Ireland as a fly-fishing destination, but the island features a remarkable array of cool angling experiences–casting on famed Atlantic salmon pools, fishing for trout in glorious lochs, and even saltwater action for seatrout and other species. In this cool video, a group of anglers tours County Kerry in search of wild river trout. There’s plenty of beautiful drone footage, as well as angling action.

5 thoughts on “Video: Irish Fly Fishing in Glorious 4K”

  1. Lovely Scenery, looks like some great fishing opportunities. I have only one question: Who chose the music for this video? It’s more suited for Tarpon Fishing from a motorboat!

  2. I have fished many rivers here in the states. But, the opportunity to fish in Ireland would be a dream come true. That video just drives me nuts!

  3. Really funny to see our amateur video being picked up here! We had a great time and Ireland is a wonderful country where you can fish for hours and hours without being disturbed by anyone but sheep!

  4. Very nice video; nasty background music like a Mucinex commercial.
    Go with a Luke Bannister style sound track: natural sounds and silence.

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