Video: Small Water, Big Trout in New Zealand

This is a very cool, short video from Dave and Amelia Jensen of Fly Fish Alberta, shot during their annual sojourn to New Zealand. It’s amazing what you can find in a tiny, shallow, remote stream. Here’s their description of the action:

We spend a lot of time searching for the smallest waters, hoping for the one or two moments a day with good trout. Some days we walk many kilometers and the scenery is our reward. Most of the time we are rewarded, stumbling onto several good trout in what should be the most impossible locations. In this short, ankle deep water awaits. Dave’s nervous for not wanting to screw up what proved to be an amazing moment on a stream that babbled out of the mountain side 300m upstream.

One thought on “Video: Small Water, Big Trout in New Zealand”

  1. I caught a trout that was so big that the stream water level dropped when I pulled him out. I had to put him back right away.

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