13 thoughts on “Video: Jeremy Wade Battles a Real River Monster”

  1. Yes, because of the handle, that’s either a Helios 2, 912-4 (9-ft, 12-wt, 4pc.), or the 8614-4 (8½-ft, 14-wt., 4-pc.). The 12-wt is commonly used for big Tarpon and that is probably what he has…probably should have brought the 14-wt. And that’s a Mirage reel – the Mirage VII Shallow Spool it looks like.

    That is one HUGE fish!!!

  2. Anyone can catch a hand fed, lake trapped, paid tour guide attraction. Hence Jeremy Wade River Monsters, same fish, same tour guide, same, same.

  3. I have a question for you. Was wondering if you are related to Richard Wade from Foylet. If you are that means we are related. Will love to talk if this is who I think it might be.

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