Video: Kamchatka’s Glorious Ozernaya River

We’ve been big fans of Rolf Nylinder of Frontsidefly since the earliest days of this blog, but his style has changed considerably in recent years. It’s been over a year since he has produced a video, but it’s been worth the wait. With each new film, Rolf gets better, and this one features glorious cinematography, with the auteur himself providing the soundtrack. Here’s Rolf’s description:

I wrote this song while editing “Fly Fishing in the Anthropcene, but it didn’t end up in the documentary. So I made a little “fly fishing music video” out of some extra footage from our trip to the Russian far east. It’s mainly Peter A Christensen catching various kinds of fish with some kind of mouse imitation.

This is just gorgeous, and Rolf’s musical talents are prodigious, as well. The video has a long, thin aspect ratio, so watch it at full-screen if you can. Hear more of Rolf’s music below.

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