Classic Video: Kelly Galloup’s Streamer Secrets

Michigander-turned-Montanan Kelly Galloup has built his reputation on big-streamer design and fishing techniques. In the latest episode of “Streamer Chronicles,” Galloup describes his angling history, the birth of the big-streamer movement, and his approach to hunting large trout. One important bit of advice: “Don’t be a baby.” His comments about a youth movement in fly fishing are really exciting. Are we in the midst of a renaissance?

11 thoughts on “Classic Video: Kelly Galloup’s Streamer Secrets”

  1. Well, that was disappointing! I don’t doubt that Kelly Galloup is a great fly tier and fisherman, but I found myself falling asleep listening to 13 minutes of him running his mouth. I was hoping for the “secrets” of streamer fishing and instead it was his his experience tying flies and what he’s done. I was hoping for a little more on technique and some examples of the streamers he uses. But I guess that what the “secret ” is all about.

    1. Pretty Sure he has written several books on that and made a few DVDs as well…Probably want to check that out …maybe the ‘secret’ is in there for you

    2. It’s the love the sport and how ones love for it got them to where they are. If you were listening he gave a lot of info about color ,materials and a true passion for this exciting sport. Quick answers don’t replace time on the water. I thought the stories were great. He made me laugh. As far as ruining his mouth I’ll listen to someone with his experience all day. You should take a break and open your ears.

  2. I thought his comments about the viscousness of a brown trout take were right on. I frequently swing soft hackles and am amazed at the takes by even the links!

  3. Guess you guys didn’t listen very well. Right, you were sleeping for the first 13 minutes. Thanks Kelly, I did learn and picked up a few hints. Cheers.

  4. If you watch Kelly’s vids you will learn a ton about flies and fishing. What’s great is his willingness to pass on his years of experience at no cost to you. I have learned a ton from him on both tying and working foes & streamers in the year I have been following him. My plans are to book a week in July 2020 at his Inn to learn even more. Thanks for this vid, had quite a few tips in it from Kelly

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