Video: Historic Pact Will Remove Four Salmon-Blocking Dams on the Klamath

Back in September, we posted a trailer for a video called A River Between Us, a cinematic call to action on behalf of the largest restoration project in American history: restoring the mighty Klamath River. On Wednesday, this dream came one step closer to reality, as the governors of California and Oregon signed a pact with a private utility to remove four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath, freeing up 420 river miles to salmon spawning:

“This historic agreement will enable Oregon and California and the interested parties to get these four dams finally removed and the Klamath River restored to its pristine beauty,” Gov. Jerry Brown said.

Despite opposition on many fronts, many river-using constituencies came together to support this historic project.

Click here for the full story.

The John C. Boyle Dam in southern Oregon is one of the dams slated for removal after 2020.
Photo by Bob J. Galindo / Wikipedia

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