Video: Last Day, Fly Fishing in Slovenia

We end 2014 with the aptly titled Last Day, part of the Crystal Clear Series from photographer Luka Hojnik. It’s a beautiful video that reminds us of why we do what we do. . .and it ain’t all about huge fish.

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Video: Last Day, Fly Fishing in Slovenia”

  1. Phil:
    Thank you for that final 2014 video, “Last Day”. You and Tom contribute significantly to the enjoyment, art, and high standards of fly fishing with each podcast and each blog post. Happy New Year to you and all the staff / management at Orvis!

  2. Thanks a lot for posting it, Phil! I am really stoked to see it featured here… It was a great closing of the season for trout with intense hatch and lots of risers… We managed to catch some of them and capture couple of those precious moments that will help us spend the winter and wait for the season start 😉 Oh and if you watch the video carefully you may see that the Orvis product was used in one of the sequences… just a hint- it is more than 25 years old and still in a very good shape, despite the heavy use! 😉 All the best to you and to the Orvis team in 2015! Cheers, Luka

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