Classic Video: Lee Wulff and Curt Gowdy Catching Huge Labrador Brook Trout

Here’s an amazing piece of television history, featuring Lee Wulff and Curt Gowdy flying into the Labrador bush in search of huge, wild brook trout. Traveling in Wulff’s famed SuperCub, with a canoe strapped to the floats, they fly over the amazing watery landscape. When they reach the Minipi watershed, they head out for some spectacular fishing. You’ll be astounded by the gorgeous beasts that Wulff describes as “the little ones.”

13 thoughts on “Classic Video: Lee Wulff and Curt Gowdy Catching Huge Labrador Brook Trout”

  1. Who couldn’t wait to watch these guys when they were on “American Sportsman”? Watching Lee tie a fly stream side without the use of a vise. They made for must see Saturday afternoon TV on the old Black & White.

  2. Wow, hope the MInipi is still as wild now as it was when Lee fished it!
    Another place for the bucket list!

  3. This film inspired my fly fishing pursuit of the Native American Brookie ! I have caught brook trout in 15 states over 50 years but never the size of these Minipi giants. Knew Lee Wulff and his wife Joan. Loved their passion for the sport, especially their bush plane access to rare places and great fly patterns.

  4. Igloo Lake Lodge still holds these monster Brookies! Many caught (up to 8 lbs) and released! They are great stewards of their watershed .

  5. What year is this from? The copyright at the end says 1986, but it looks much older than that (not to mention that Wulff would have been 81 years old in 86)

  6. I am curious , I found an article from ESPN that mentions 3 people in it Jimmy Doolittle ( going after a rhino ) , Clint Walker ( facing a charging bear w/ bow & arrow ) and Lee Wulff ( dropping a bull elephant ). I was hoping someone -anyone could please help me confirm a date / episode /or even if he did appear on the show AMS at all . I had read on a separate article that in some cases they failed to get stars sign release forms on their episodes they did -sad. But , I sure would love to know if ANYONE out there could help confirm if Clint Walker was on a episode of AMS . I thank you greatly for any helps on this one.

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