Video: Lefty Kreh, in His Own Words

Lefty Kreh needs no introduction, of course, but hearing him tell his own story in an unrehearsed fashion is simply fascinating. In this first part of Eric Stroup’s interview with Lefty, he describes the very beginning of his life in fly fishing, including his friendship with Joe Brooks. He even relates the story of buying his first reel, which we featured a couple weeks ago. He moves on to talk about the fly-fishing industry of today, about which he has some reservations. And did you know that Lefty survived a bout with anthrax after the war? Very cool stuff.

4 thoughts on “Video: Lefty Kreh, in His Own Words”

  1. Thank you for a wonderful moment with a true legend. Lefty is synonymous with fly fishing, and as a Frederick County resident myself I enjoyed hearing about his early years on the local water. A true gentleman and a wonderful storyteller.

  2. Lefty’s ability as a world class fisherman, writer, photographer, and outdoorsman is only surpassed by his compassion as a wonderful human being.

  3. Amazing friend to everyone. He always made time to give a tip and a lesson. Always had a smile on his face and extend his hand to shake. He also stole a smooch from my wife. He was a rascal.

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