Video: “Liquid Gold,” a Journey into the High Sierra

Back in August, we posted about an Indiegogo project to finish a film about an epic hiking trip for golden trout high in the California Sierra. Then in February, we showed you the trailer for the finished film. Finally, here’s the whole thing, which clocks in at just over 16 minutes. It’s beautifully shot, has a great story line, and focuses on a species and a landscape few anglers will experience. It’s well worth your time.

5 thoughts on “Video: “Liquid Gold,” a Journey into the High Sierra”

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  3. Excellent video – I applaud these guys for making the effort to hike into very rugged territory to make this film. I’ve caught a lot of golden hybrids in a stream very close to the Golden Trout Wilderness – also fished lower on the upper Kern and caught what looked like a pure strain golden, but you never know. The state fish of California.

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