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  1. Years ago my brother, who is an avid backpacker, convinced me to go on a hike in the Sierra with him. I said fine as long as we could fish when we got there. So we started picking out lakes. I found one lake at only 8200-ft that reportedly had golden trout in it. We had to camp out overnight at the ranger station to secure one of the wilderness permits the following morning. Then, my brother took pity on me and we took a water taxi across the two lakes instead of hiking around them. Saved about 5 miles. From the trailhead on the other end of the lakes, it was s 6-mile hike up into Sierra to get to the lake. It was almost dark when we got there so I didn’t get to fish until the next morning.

    It was a beautiful lake – super clear and deep with boulders the size of houses. I was fishing along an edge that dropped off from about 1-foot to 20-feet and I had cast out to about 1 o’clock from where I was standing. As I was stripping my Bird’s Nest back towards me, I saw nice trout come up on the shallows from about 8 o’clock and then drop off the edge about 11 o’clock. I was beating myself up for casting in the wrong direction when he struck. After a good by fairly short fight I brought him to hand, measured him against my rod and released him. He was a 14″ golden and one of only 3 that I caught there before we started out hike back out at noon. Both of the other two trout were much smaller (in the 8″ to 10″ range) but all of them were absolute jewels!


  2. Interesting movie. Fly fishing is as diverse a sport as any out there. Made up of all kinds of people. Not many would take this journey.

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