Video and Live Cams of the Brown Bears at Brooks Camp, Alaska

When I guided fly fishers in Alaska in the mid 1990s, one of my favorite things was fishing near brown bears, some of Nature’s most beautiful creatures. Because there is so much food available, the bears are for the most part completely uninterested in humans, and although I always carried a shotgun in bear country, it was more for the clients’ peace of mind than for actual protection. In the three summers I worked in the Alaskan bush, I never had to take the gun off my shoulder.

The gorgeous video comes from Medina, Washington-based photographer Randy Harris, who took a trip to Brooks Camp to fish and shoot footage of the bears there. The result is spectacular, offering candid shots of these animals that many people fear. There’s a little fishing here—one especially nervous angler is featured at :44—but it’s mostly bears.

If you want to see what’s happening at Brooks Falls right now, check out the webcams, like the one below. There are even more cams on the Bears page.

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