Video: Live Free and Fish in the Great North Woods

If you ask folks from across the country to tell you one thing about my home state of New Hampshire, the most common response is “Live Free or Die,” the motto emblazoned on every Granite State license plate. The Division of Travel and Tourism has decided that the wonderful fishing opportunities in New Hampshire–often eclipsed by more famous waters in neighboring Vermont and Maine–need a bit of a PR boost, so they’ve reworked the famous motto into something that every angler can relate to: “Live Free and Fish.”

It just so happens that this video features two friends of mine, Bill Bernhardt and Greg Inglis, who work at Lopstick Lodge in Pittsburg, New Hampshire. I sit with these guys every year at the Orvis Guide Rendezvous because I’ve known the woman who was part of the husband-wife team that built Lopstick into a great fishing destination, Lisa Savard, since childhood. (Sanborn Regional Middle School in the hizzee!)

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