Video: Living Rivers—Cast

At this year’s Orvis Guide Rendezvous in Missoula, Montana, the keynote address was not delivered by some crusty veteran, offering pearls of wisdom from his decades on the water.

Instead, the prime speaking position was given to a passionate young man named Wade Fellin, an environmental attorney who not only co-manages his family’s Big Hole Lodge, but who also serves as program director of Upper Missouri Water Keeper. His talk, entitled “Taking the Oars,” was about how today’s anglers must preserve the legacies of our fathers. You can read the entire speech here; I highly recommend it.

Wade is also the star of this video by Max Lowe—used as an introduction for the keynote—in which he talks about what drew him back to the Big Hole Valley, how he treasures the landscape and its waters, and how important it is to him to whatever he can to protect these rivers from any and all threats. It’s inspiring stuff, beautifully shot.

To learn more about how to sustain our wild rivers, click here to visit American Rivers.

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