Video: Lone Star Bass and Drum on the Colorado River

Winston Cundiff of All Water Guides, in Central Texas, sent me the link to this great video the other day. He describes it as the “greatest hits from last season on the Colorado River below Austin.” It’s great a beat, and I can dance to it, you know?

3 thoughts on “Video: Lone Star Bass and Drum on the Colorado River”

  1. Funny thing, all the guys with the giant bass boats will go out and catch dinks, on crowded lakes, but if you put in a little work on any of our rivers here in central TX, you will get into giant bass. The rado is a great fishery, but I prefer the clear water giants about an hour outside of town….nothing better then watching em rise to crush a dahlberg diver.

    Also, thanks Orvis for showing some bass stuff, as opposed to the carp movement yall have been pushing. Central Texas has the best bass fly fishing in the whole country. Crystal clear waters, no crowds, and giant fish.

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