Video: “Long Live the King,” Extended Cut

I got an email from Cory at Fly Out Media announcing the release of a fifteen-minute version of his film “Long Live the King.” Here’s how he describes it:

Many of you probably already saw the higher-paced “Fly Fishing Cut” that we produced for the F3T. This new edit explores the deeper conservation topic, and gives a broader view on the Alaskan king-salmon decline from a fly angler’s perspective—advocating cooperation in preserving Alaska’s salmon runs, conservative management, and a “resource first” mentality among all user groups.

The film is gorgeous to look at and features some beautiful salmon, but its message is even more important.

4 thoughts on “Video: “Long Live the King,” Extended Cut”

  1. This reminds me to much of what happened to the Atlantic Salmon along the eastern shore of Nova Scotia. In the St. Mary’s River we use to have 40-50 plus pound salmon, now we can’t even fish for what we have left. The average weight of salmon here has gone from 25-30lbs to 6-10lbs. The wild salmon populations around the world are dropping and at this point in time I find it unethical to kill Atlantic or King salmon. If we want there to still be salmon when our kids go to fish them or even when I’m 65 (I’m 19) and want to spend my days on the river going for salmon, things need to change.

  2. Wow, I don’t think many people know about this. I will re-share for sure. Beautiful film with words that stick out to the listener- “Step into these waters for reasons beyond taking the fish”…describes Alaska perfectly. Thank you.

  3. At this moment in time – ditto all of that above. We must see beyond ourselves –
    Excellent cinematography, well chosen music embracing a message that needs to be taken to heart.

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