Video Pro Tips: How to Make a Double Spey Cast

One of the things that I learned in the run-up to my trip to the Norwegian Flyfishers Club a few years ago is that learning to Spey cast from a book is virtually impossible. Because the cast is so three-dimensional, you really need to see it to understand how all the parts work together. Thanks to NFC guide Alession Falorni, an able and very patient teacher, I was able to learn a serviceable double-Spey cast in about four days on the Gaula River.

This short video from Jon Hazlett of Oregon’s Ashland Fly Shop introduces you to the basic principles of the double Spey and features clear, concise directions. I know from experience that watching someone make a beautiful Spey cast fills you with a false belief that you’ll be casting like that in no time. In truth, it can take a few days to become comfortable with the motions and the timing. And there is no excuse for on-the-water practice.

It’s also worth noting that this same cast works with a single-hand rod, too. I find myself using the double Spey a lot in my trout fishing, especially when backcast space in limited.

It took me about a week to really get the hang of the double Spey.
Photo by Alessio Falorni

2 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: How to Make a Double Spey Cast”

  1. Top notch instructional video,Jon. Covered the basics well with constant repetition of the skills to reinforce concept. Breaking the cast into key segments was beneficial also. Good introduction to terminology without becoming pedantic. Friendly, positive demeanour.

  2. It would be nice if the video also provided examples where downstream is “river left”, instead of only river right. Downstream being river left is a particular challenge for the right-handed angler and, in the present case, the video skips that entire scenario.

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