Video: How to Manage Your Line Hand

Almost a year ago, we introduced guide Bryan Eldredge in one of our “Trout Bum of the Week” posts:

Bryan Eldredge has been fly fishing since 1974, and he works as a guide at Falcon’s Ledge Lodge in Altamont, Utah, in the foothills of the Uinta Mountains. But he isn’t you average Trout Bum, by any stretch of the imagination. One clue is the three letters that often appear after his name: PhD. When he’s not on the water, Bryan is a professor and coordinator of the American Sign Language and Deaf Studies Program at Utah Valley University.

One of the things Bryan loves about guiding is that it brings together his favorite pastime, fly fishing, and his mission in life, teaching. He’s managed to bring his love of fly fishing and professional expertise together even more concretely in a remarkable series of fly-fishing how-to videos for the deaf.

Here’s a great episode of the DeafTV show, which features a voice over, so those of us who don’t read American Sign Language can still understand and benefit from Bryan’s expertise. This is pretty basic stuff, but if you’re just getting started in fly fishing, knowing what to do with your hands can be a problem.

Bryan Eldredge Cropped

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