Video: Marble Trout of the Emeralds

Here’s some very cool footage from Slovenia, shot with a backpack-mounted GoPro, which offers a novel perspective on the action. (It would be cool if he could figure out a way to stabilize the image more, though.) Guide Lesly Janssen takes a client to a mountain stream in search of a glorious marble trout.

3 thoughts on “Video: Marble Trout of the Emeralds”

  1. Cool video – that water is ridiculously clear! I like the perspective too. In order to stabilize that better he’d need to come up with a more rigid mount. The big issues come from the camera bouncing around. Ideally with a snorri-cam rig like this the subject (ie his head) would constantly be in the exact same spot in the frame. That would likely cut down on about 70-80% of the shakiness.

  2. Excellent little film in lovely terrain. A chest mount camera might be a better choice for some of the footage. It does help to take the time to bring a tripod for a different perspective and change the scene slightly. Cameras have difficulty focusing on two things at the same time. Even extreme wide angle cameras like Go-pro can’t do both. The back of the photographers head was in excellent focus all the time, but it is not as important as the scenery. A chest mount is very simple. I do it all the time with my waterproof Nikon A120. Hang the camera around your neck with a strap, but add a flexible mini-tripod that tucks into your jacket or shirt to hold the camera steady. The camera will focus on your hands if you keep them out in front of you, but will more properly focus on the scene in front.

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