Video: Meredith McCord on Why Women Make Better Anglers

That headline get your attention? Actually, McCord is just quoting some of the guides she’s fished with, who claim that women are often better listeners and more avid students. I must admit that my own guiding experience bears this out. The more important message here, of course, is that all of us should be encouraging more women and girls to get out on the stream. There are already plenty of role models for them, aside from McCord: Cathy Beck, Lori-Ann Murphy, Lotte Aulom, Rebekka Redd, and others. We’ve got some pretty hardcore female anglers in this office—Jackie Kutzer, Chrissie Atkins, Abbie Mahurin, and even our former intern Phoebe Bean, to name a few—who are constantly advocating to get more females into the sport.

7 thoughts on “Video: Meredith McCord on Why Women Make Better Anglers”

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  2. Truth be told… I’d much rather be on the river with my wife and/or daughters than anyone else. There’s something really cool about bringing the female element to the rivers.

  3. At least spell her name right: You mean Jess McGlothlin. But you’re absolutely right that leaving her out was a horrible omission. I am abashed. But, really. . .asshat? Ouch. If you prick us, do we not bleed?

    And, BTW, Phoebe Bean is from Idaho and San Francisco. That’s West, I think.

  4. It’s a great video. I’ve been trying to get my girlfriend involved for a while, but just can’t seem to get her into the mindset.

    Like I said, great video, it’s a shame they didn’t bother to pay the $39.95 from premiumbeat for the actual rights to the music (you can hear the audio watermark “” in the music bed).

    1. One day when she’s with you and you hook a fish, let her fight it and pull it in. If she’s not hooked after that, it’s not for her

  5. “take your girlfriends, wives, mom, sisters, daughters fly fishing” Just texted my mom and sister with the invite! Thank you for the important reminder. Can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough.

  6. One of my more fun days on the water was when I took my daughter fly fishing for the first time. Within an hour of stepping into the stream she had hooked 4 fish on a dry fly and took 3 more dead drifting a nymph. Might have to make her my new fishing partner.

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