Video: Michelle’s Mako Shark on a Fly

After a two-and-a-half-year hiatus, during which she became a mom, Michelle Woo Bowman is back in action in the salt water off San Diego. Here’s her description of what transpired:

I finally am getting back on the water. I brought my stand-up paddleboard to catch a baby mako in the 20- to 30-pound range, but this 60-pounder showed up so I stayed on the boat.

Good thing, too, because a huge bull sea lion showed up and chased my mako. It took off like a bat outta hell! 300 yards of line out in about 30 seconds! We were fishing just off San Diego with an Orvis Helios (12 wt) and Orvis Mirage reel. Oh, and we had some cool mola mola show up too! Thanks to Justin Krumb at Rough Cuts Productions for the video! Hopefully more to come!

Michelle’s husband, Capt. Conway Bowman of
Bowman Bluewater Guides & Outfitters
, seems pretty stoked to have “Mishfish” back out on the water.


Would you want that on the end of your line?

photo courtesy Conway Bowman

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