Video: “Modern Nymphing Elevated” is Here!

About a year and a half ago, Utah  filmmaker Gilbert Rowley released a video called “Modern Nymphing,” in which Devin Olsen and Lance Egan shared their knowledge of  “European” nymphing techniques. One of our readers won the video in a contest and had this to say about it:

Just got done watching the video. If I had to buy it, which I was going to do if I hadn’t won it, it would be worth every penny. It made me want to start trying it next time I hit the stream! Am looking forward to tying up some leaders and trying it.

A reviewer on vimeo had an even stronger reaction:

Hands down the best instructional video for fly fishing I’ve ever watched. It really shows how effective these techniques are when Lance and Devin can’t even get through two sentences with out hooking up. Can’t wait for vol. 2.

Well, the wait is over. Today, Gilbert hit the button to release “Modern Nymphing Elevated – Beyond the Basics,” also starring Devin and Lance. According to Gilbert, the goal of the video is to “elevate your nymphing with thorough instruction and theory to advance your understanding and effectiveness on the water.” Seems like a good plan. Today only, you can use the coupon code “earlybird” to save 15% off the digital download.

Click here to learn more or to download the video from vimeo On Demand.

5 thoughts on “Video: “Modern Nymphing Elevated” is Here!”

    1. Tom, in my opinion, it is both. I have the first video Rowley, Olsen and Egan put out and where it was introductory concerning the “why” of euro nymphing, and the gave general overviews of techniques, leaders, flies, etc. The second video quickly covers some of the information from the first, but adds a tremendous amount of footage of Olsen and Egan breaking down different water types and demonstrating different ways to apply the euro technique to catch fish. There is some discussion of rods and leaders (building on the basics from vol 1), but sadly, no discussion about fly selection or modification. Overall, it’s helpful if you are ready to make the jump into really investing in the technique and want to catch fish whenever you head out to a river.

  1. The first video was nice because there was not a lot of information available about euro nymphing. I was messing around with the concept 5 years before the first video, because I had on stream problems that needed solving. Also I have been high sticking for 20+ years and most parts of euro nymphing are just a spin off. Needless to say prior to Modern Nymphing there was a lot of guessing if I was doing this right, and dialing in the leader was the most important thing learned from that video. Modern Nymphing beyond the basics the new video isn’t worth the time or money for most people. If you have been fooling around with this technique there is no new information provided, and I could give much more insight than they did over 2 + hours in 10 minuets. These two are both talented anglers and fly tiers, they seem humble, and I buy things from Devin Olsons’s fly shop tactical fly fishing; I have even emailed him a time or two where he was quick to respond and extremely helpful for no reason. So I don’t really like writing this. I just had high expectations for this pair, and think they could do better.

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