Video: A Mother and Daughter Share a Love of Fly Fishing

I stumbled on this great video about a mom and daughter who fly-fish around the world together, and it took a couple minutes before I realized that the narrator was Whitney McDowell, whom I’ve known for years. She was the marketing manager for a fly-fishing company in the mid 2000s, when I was editing American Angler, and I’d see her at trade shows and events and talk to her on the phone occasionally. Although I probably haven’t actually laid eyes on her in five years or so, I see what she’s up to on Facebook and get jealous a lot.

We have previously featured Whitney’s killer pictures of golden dorado she caught in northern Argentina, as well as her important work with the breast-cancer charity Rowing for a Cure.

That’s Whitney in the back seat of “Judy,” the Rowing for a Cure Pink Boat.

photo courtesy Rowing for a Cure

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