Video: Motivational Fly Fishing?

Here’s an interesting take on the fly-fishing genre by Canadian angler Bren Dacey, in which he pays homage to the dedication and commitment it takes to become a great fly fisherman. He calls the video “The Motivation Behind The Man,” and writes:

This video is for anyone chasing their dream’s regardless of what it might be. I’ve now been fly fishing since the young age of 9. Now seventeen years later, I chase my dream’s with more intensity and desire than ever before. Never quit is what I was taught.

Waddya think? I’ll bet that, for some folks, fly fishing is a way to perhaps escape from the drive for success in other parts of their lives.

7 thoughts on “Video: Motivational Fly Fishing?”

  1. Ack. I don’t want someone yelling at me when even watching a fishing video. Add worms, thingamabobbers and backcast water slaps…

  2. Funny video LOL I guess it is not for me. When I am fishing, I am normally quiet and I don’t need someone to tell me what to do. It is my wife’s job! :))

  3. Looks like two kids who passed me on the highway today pulling over with 4 cars in a parking lot, Experience and respect are no longer considered any longer by a lot of the younger “anglers” of today, It is all about a very attainable goal that can be stumbled upon based on knowledge that is already there.
    “Most of all, I hope that in their competitive zeal, they encounter my ghost on the water, they will not try to push me off it”.
    G. Wickstrom

    1. Huh? There was nothing disrespectful in this video. In a time where fly fishing owns 6% of the fishing industries total market share the future of the sport and it’s continued growth and innovation relies on expansion to women and the “youth”. I liked the video, nice work Bren.

  4. I created this video to encourage young anglers to never give up regardless of how hard life becomes, you can always use fly fishing and the outdoors as a peaceful escape. I was taught proper fishing etiquette and manners at the young age of 9 on the Salmon rivers of Nova Scotia. I’m a well respectable angler and have over 17 years of just fly fishing experience and knowledge to share. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback and I will continue to create and share my videos with the world because fly fishing is what I was born to do. I will never stop exploring, wandering and my cameras will accompany my ever foot step. Tight lines everyone ! – Bren Dacey

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