Video: Big Ontario Smallmouths Feature in “The New Fly Fisher”

Rather than concoct an April fool’s joke, the folks at “The New Fly Fisher” decided to release a new episode on Youtube today. Colin McKeown travels to western Ontario to fish for chunky smallmouths out of Hawk Lake Lodge. Although I’ve fished for smallmouths plenty of times, I’ve never cast on one of these clear northern lakes for them, and this show offers some good tips for finding and catching fish. I met Ted Putnam last spring, and he’s very passionate about his fishery.

Lodge owner Ted Putnam with a 20-inch smallie.

photo courtesy Hawk Lake Lodge

One thought on “Video: Big Ontario Smallmouths Feature in “The New Fly Fisher””

  1. The New Fly Fisher show is the best show on fly fishing and education. This is just one of many great episodes. All I’ve got to say is that I’ve learned a lot about fly fishing from this show. There are some beautiful places to fish in Northern Ontario, you can bet I’ll be going there on my next fishing trip.

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