Video: New Zealand Saltwater Flats Fishing

We all know about the incredible trout fishing found on the rivers of New Zealand’s South Island, but this video features something completely different. At the northern end of the island are some saltwater flats, where big, hard-fighting kingfish (yellowtail amberjacks) cruise in shallow water right behind stingrays, picking off the detritus kicked up by the rays’ feeding habits. As you’ll see, these kingfish pull hard and don’t come to hand easily.

2 thoughts on “Video: New Zealand Saltwater Flats Fishing”

  1. Kings are great! For us the best of them all are the kahawai for their abundance & distribution, ease, and wonderful fight. NZ is not just about trout, as you said. 🙂

  2. Can anyone at Orvis tell me if your 25 year guarantee is transferable when one of your rods is sold-on?


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