Video: Next Generation Fly Tyer – 4-Year-Old on the Vise

Gilbert Rowley is a Utah fishing guide who looks to be raising his daughters right. In this fun video, he sits down with Ruby at the vise to see what she will come up with. Here’s his description:

Both my seven-year-old and my four-year-old love to tie flies with me. It’s a great way to introduce them to the sport, and a great opportunity to spend time with my awesome kids. After each time tying, they have something they helped to create to put in their own fly boxes. This is special for both them and me. As Ruby teaches in this video, it doesn’t matter what the fly looks like; the most important part is having fun! I think my little Ruby is going to be a steelheader, as she always picks bright and exciting color, usually purple and pink. The flies we create together are fishy enough for steelhead, and pretty enough for a princess. If you have kids I highly recommend you let them join you at the vise. They might surprise you with what they come up with, and the time spent together will be cherished forever.

Check out Gilbert’s website, Fly Tying 123.

2 thoughts on “Video: Next Generation Fly Tyer – 4-Year-Old on the Vise”

  1. I tie flies with my kids often. Its so gratifying when they come up to me after a tough day at work, and say “Daddy, can we tie a fly tonight?’ Kinda puts things back in perspective… My daughter caught her first trout at age 8, on a fly she made herself (with help)- made entirely out of grizzly hackle. Super cool.

  2. Awesome post! As much of the northern hemisphere enters our winter we just wanted to take a brief moment to remember, not too far to the south are some warmer temps and some big bonefish.Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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