Video: #NowOrNeverglades Road Trip to Restoration

Two weeks ago, we told you about the “Road Trip to Restoration” of the Everglades, a bus tour across Florida to teach the public about the issues facing the Everglades and to get them to sign the #NowOrNeverglades Declaration. Here’s a great video wrap-up, featuring remarks from The Everglades Foundation Chief Executive Officer Eric Eikenberg.

We believe that these issues of water quality are vital to the health of South Florida’s native habitats. Here’s how you can help.

2 thoughts on “Video: #NowOrNeverglades Road Trip to Restoration”

  1. I think ‘Big Sugar’ is behind all the resistance to controlling the flow from Lake Ocachobee. they only care about their profits and not the preservation of a wonderful ecosystem – the Everglades.

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