Video: “Office Days” in Western Montana

Written by: Joe Cummings, Classic Journey Outfitters

November in Montana is the tail end of the trout season. It happens to be a very busy time for me in the office. I wish I could catch the last shining moments of the fishing season like all my friends, but sadly so far office work had taken precedence.

But I finally came to my senses and filmed this video over three days with friends on the Bitterroot River and Clark Fork in Western Montana. The best part of the vacation from work was on the last day my nine-year-old daughter was able to jump in the water with me in front of the lens and stick some nice fish.

This was my first shot at putting together a video. The whole process turned out to be far more difficult and rewarding than I had anticipated. The best footage of the three days does not appear in the film because I learned the hard lesson that unless you press the RECORD button—they have a little blinking light that helps with that decision, by the way—the camera cannot read your mind and turn on. There were many obvious lessons like that along the way, but the weather and fishing cooperated and we did get a few last trout magic moments to hand as the season slips into winter.

Joe Cummings operates Classic Journey Outfitters in Missoula, Montana.

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