Video: Olympic Peninsula Steelhead are So Bright

As summer enters the home stretch, here’s a killer video about a completely different season: winter steelheading on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula’s tumbling glacial rivers. The filmmaker must have been psyched to have captured every piece of this experience, from the drift to the take to the fight to the landing. And what a fish it is!

7 thoughts on “Video: Olympic Peninsula Steelhead are So Bright

  1. Beautiful fish, but there’s usually four or five drift boats and twice as many gear and plug anglers lining that stretch of river. Must have been a weekday!

  2. A friend and I fished the OP with the Brazda crew this past March. It was a truly incredible experience. I was fortunate enough to catch the biggest steelhead I have ever caught or seen IRL. I can hardly wait for next year’s trip.

  3. Bobber fishing, hardly fly fishing.
    That was a big beautifu fish that should have never left the water. Come on you guys, smarten up.

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