Video: One Simple Tip to Catch More Fish in Winter

Here’s a smart and simple tip from the folks at Fly Fishing and Dreams that will help you catch more fish in the cold, clear water of winter, when you’re probably chucking very small flies. By dropping down a single tippet size, you make a stealthier approach, the fly sinks more quickly, and the fly moves more naturally in the water. Of course, light tippets require the angler to exercise good judgment during the hook set and fight, so it’s not all fun and games. Below are tying instruction for the fly used in the video above, a pattern that seems pretty effective.

11 thoughts on “Video: One Simple Tip to Catch More Fish in Winter”

  1. I love these short and sweet tips.
    The Tom Rosenbaugher pod cast are great if you can devote an hour plus, who has that time and I’m retired.
    You should take a pole and see how many folks actually listen to them. It would be great if they could be broken down into small modules one building on the next.
    Also, get to the key point of the podcast without all of the upfront stuff.

    1. Or just to be able to fast forward and the like. The whole podcast has to run on my computer. No jumping forward or going back to re-listen to a particular topic.

    2. I’m working 40+ hours per week and devour each and every Rosenbauer podcast while driving and working out.

      Please don’t mess with the length and the ‘Flybox followed by interview’ format. Love ’em! One need only to stop and start where they left off to make the content more module.

      I also listen to the following:

      April Vokey’s Anchored
      Ask About Fly Fishing
      The Itinerant Angler

      If you know of any others you don’t have time for Bill, let me know! πŸ˜‰

    3. The podcasts are a great listen as you drive to the creek. I have no less than a 2 hour ride one way…so it works great for that.

  2. I’ve Listened to all the pod casts also, been fly fishing 40+ years. They have lots to share and some of the calls in the fly box are funny. I play them while tying and or while driving to the next fishing hole. Here in WYO there are a few long drives makes the time pass.

  3. I listen to all of Tom’s podcasts “cover to cover.” Some are more interesting or relevant to me than others, but I learn something from each and every one. But then I have only been fly fishing for 40 years so I still have lots to learn πŸ™‚ Seriously, don’t mess with success.

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