Video: One Tip to Improve Your Double-Haul Cast

Once an angler has learned the basic cast and how to shoot line, the next step is mastering the double haul, which helps to generate more line speed and allows for longer casts. Most casters have no problem with the haul itself–in which the line hand moves away from the rod–but getting the line hand to then return to the rod to prepare for the next haul can be problematic. It’s important to remember that each haul–on both the back- and forward casts–is a two-step process: haul, then return.

In this helpful video from Trident Fly Fishing, Topher Browne explains a common mistake that new anglers make, which makes the return harder, and offers a surprisingly simple solution: try a shorter haul.

For a complete discussion of the double haul, check out Pete Kutzer’s videos on the subject here and here.

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