Video: Orvis Teams Up with. . .Guess Who?

This year, the Orvis Fly Fishing School celebrates its 50th anniversary, so the company wanted to do something big to celebrate. And what could be bigger than bringing in the World’s Greatest Fishing Guide™, Hank Patterson, to revamp the program? Honestly, it seemed like a good idea at the time. . . .

P.S.–If you didn’t get a chance to see  a screening of Hank’s feature film, “Mystery Of The CuttyRainBrown,” you can now catch it on vimeo On Demand. It’ll be the best $5 you’ll spend this week. Click here to watch.

2 thoughts on “Video: Orvis Teams Up with. . .Guess Who?”

  1. Awesome! Hank brings a fresh breeze to the stale office air. Always makes me smile.

    If the Orvis marketing guys are smart the “One-on-One” time with Hank would actually be a really cool prize to secure. One of your many faithful followers featured in a Hank Patterson video brought to you by Orvis. Get working on it guys!

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