Video: “Our Good Friend,” the Brown Trout

Here’s another great video from Carpe Diem, about a nice trout that they’d seen a couple of times before but had never gotten to take the fly. They are very patient this time, allowing the fish to move, spook, and then settle down to feed. Make sure you click the “CC” button at the bottom right of the player to get English subtitles.

3 thoughts on “Video: “Our Good Friend,” the Brown Trout”

    1. Well Matt. Good to hear you enjoy our videos 🙂 About the water, it’s actually a lot cleaner up there (northern Scandinavia) than the water you get from the ordinary tap in everybody’s home. So I don’t know about the brave thing 🙂 Cheers

  1. Amazing video, and nice fish! I’ll have to check out the other videos, and we appreciate you sharing. The scenery there is quite different than here in the Rockies… beautiful to say the least! Still water, too… I’m not sure I’d be as successful fishing there! Cheers

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