Video: “Out of Office”

Back in June, a group of nineteen Orvis Associates took part in the 27th annual Martha’s Vineyard Rod & Gun Club Fly Rod Striped Bass Catch & Release Tournament. The group ranged from expert anglers–say, Tom Rosenbauer and Pete Kutzer–to some who are relatively new to the sport, and all had a great time. Everybody hooked fish, but the real value of the trip was the time spent together, sharing the passion for fly fishing and the outdoors.

4 thoughts on “Video: “Out of Office””

  1. Outstanding!!!!! Thanks for Sharing…. I have a Friend of mine who lives in Atlanta who is a guide for this great Company.

  2. I am a big Orvis fan, wearing your apparel and fishing with your rods and reels. I am a TU member(Griffith’s Circle). But, none of the makes any difference unless you get out of the office , and go fishin’!! This week, my wife and I are in Michigan for vacation. Although she does not fish, she lets me go chase my passion. We will pursue smallies on the Muskegon and temp trout with dry flies on the great Ausauble in the upper lower peninsula. Can’t wait to make that first cast!! It will be one of hundreds that will place more memes in my cerebral file that I can peruse again once I am back to the office….Tight lines!

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