Video: Pearl of the Westlands, II

Western Norway, a.k.a. Vestlandets, is home to dramatic landscapes, featuring fjords, mountains, rocky coastlines, and stunning salmon rivers. Aside from having one of our favorite names in all of fly fishing, Pontus Gunlycke also runs a Swedish fly-fishing blog called Salmoniserad, which documents his travels. His latest video offers some great Atlantic salmon action from an unnamed Vestlandets river, which did not give up the goods easily.

5 thoughts on “Video: Pearl of the Westlands, II”

  1. Loved the video. Gorgeous fish, scenery, friends and liquid refreshment. Glad to see the catch and release. Thanks for the post.

  2. If Pontus needs a new fishing partner, he’ll have plenty of volunteers willing to fly in from around the world!

    Great video.

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