Video Pro Guide Tips: 12 More Fly-Fishing Things You Don’t Need

This week’s how-to video from Ben Sittig, a.k.a Huge Fly Fisherman, focuses on keeping things simple. Many anglers think they need everything under the sun, if they want to catch fish or be seen as an authentic fly fisher. “Poppycock!” says Ben. (Not in those words, perhaps.) But he does have some strong opinions that you may or may not agree with, which is half the fun.

7 thoughts on “Video Pro Guide Tips: 12 More Fly-Fishing Things You Don’t Need”

  1. Well, to my great surprise I pretty much agreed with you…except for the midges part. Not the fly box type that you showed but nice fluffy, floaty ones…can’t dare to leave home without them.
    Other than that, good stuff!
    Oh! And I moved to FL 24 years ago ad my float tube hasn’t left the closet here. Think about it…Florida….giant reptiles…looking like prey items. 😉

  2. Need the buff, only takes one skin cancer removal surgery to think “maybe I need a buff?” Another thing you don’t need. A beer in your hand as a prop to make a video?

  3. Be Well, Fish On! and I wear broad brim hat, buff, SPF 50 + long sleeve shirts , pants, and socks and gloves: thanks to 60 years of sun and a brush with melanoma.

  4. Drop the coozie… I said once before, if your beer needs a coozie you ain’t drinking fast enough. Might want to get a body sized coozie and use it as vest for when you fall off the paddle board.

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