Video Pro Tip: How to Change Tippet Sizes on the Water

To be a really effective fly fisherman, you have to be ready and able to make adjustments to your rigging to match the conditions or the kinds of flies you’re using. If you fish with a knotless, tapered leader and want to change tippet size, you don’t need a new leader. Instead, you can simply add tippet material—via a surgeon’s knot or a blood knot—to the leader you’ve got. In the video above, I make my 3X leader a 4X leader, which will allow me to use smaller flies. It’s really quite simple, and it will help you catch more fish over the course of a day.

And remember: use your nippers!

Check out the new section on the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center on choosing the right equipment.

7 thoughts on “Video Pro Tip: How to Change Tippet Sizes on the Water”

  1. Currently, tippet rings come in at least three different sizes, are easy to use and well worth the investment. Almost all of my leaders have one tied on. For heavier leaders, I use a trilene knot and very rarely lose a tippet ring. For 3x leaders and smaller, I use an improved clinch knot to the tippet ring.

  2. Get rid of knotless leaders & make your own out of Maxima. Only takes a little time & put a loop in your leader & loop to loop on a new tippet.

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