Video Pro Tip: How to Get a Good Turnover at the End of the Cast

Here’s the second in our series of quick-and-dirty casting-instruction videos featuring Pete Kutzer of the Orvis Fly Fishing Schools. Here, Pete explains how to get the end of your leader to turn over, roll out straight, and land gently on the water. The two keys are where you stop the rod tip on the presentation cast and maintaining a good rod angle.

4 thoughts on “Video Pro Tip: How to Get a Good Turnover at the End of the Cast”

  1. Why do you not offer more 1-Day Advanced Fly-Casting classes. Would be nice to have a few in the fall so we can practice advance skills before the spring season.

    1. Good stuff Pete, the basics come first. Another tip I’ve learned is to pull back on the line with the off hand helping to turn the fly over, especially on the salt, with wind, and distance casting. I’d love to see more tips for salt water casting such as tips for side arm casting when dealing with wind and avoiding spooking the fish with an overhead cast.

  2. Good review. Thanks
    As I get older I’m experiencing arthritic issues with my right hand casting. Been at this now for over 35 years and fish regularly. I would love to learn some drills on how to train myself on casting with my left hand.
    Any suggestions? Also if you answer this questions send me note on where to go to find it.

  3. My thoughts on good turnover involve the wrist. As the rod drives forward the wrist should unfold remaining in line with the rod, and not laying back causing the tip to lag back, and then the quick wrist top, at the end. This causes tailing loops, and is often the result of those who tell you your wrist is the problem, and to keep your wrist firm, and not to bend your wrist. IMO the wrist starts to bend at the moment the rod is brought up, and back, and then again as the rod is brought forward. The wrist just stays in line with the rod, and results in a relaxed forearm, and not a tense one attempting to restrict the wrist.

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