Video Pro Tip: How to Make a Single-Handed Spey Cast

Here’s a cool video in which Scottish Spey-casting instructor Andrew Toft explains how to make a Spey cast with a single-handed rod. Those of you who haven’t watched a lot of Monty Python or Premier League soccer may have a bit of trouble with Andrew’s accent, but luckily he mimes the proper motions several times. There’s also some fascinating overhead footage that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is instructive. I use Spey techniques while trout fishing all the time, in situations where my backcast room is limited or nonexistant. I wrote an article about this for Midcurrent some years back: check it out here.

One thought on “Video Pro Tip: How to Make a Single-Handed Spey Cast”

  1. Nice video. I’m married to an English girl so she helped translate a few words. The aerials are very helpful. Again, well done.

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