Video Pro Tip: How to Rig Line and Leader for Muskies

Kip Vieth, of Wildwood Float Trips, has been our musky expert for awhile. (Check out his great new book, and his 10 Tips for Catching a Musky on a Fly and Mastering the Figure-8 for Musky.) Here, he shows you what kinds of lines to use and how he builds a leader to cast big flies, deal with a toothy quarry, and handle a big fight.

Photo by Kip Vieth

4 thoughts on “Video Pro Tip: How to Rig Line and Leader for Muskies”

  1. Very helpful. Please keep the musky and pike content coming! Haven’t managed to land a musky on the fly yet, but I hope to this year…


    PS- nice Wisconsin pennant. Go Bucky!

  2. Got to love you a dog that fetches lost rods! Also appreciated the dogs who watched from afar, as not to spook the fish, and the dog with the paw on the reel, “Not before walkies!”

    Great photos all.

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