Video Pro Tip: How to Store Wet Waders in Your Car

The musician-anglers at Jazz & Fly Fishing usually produce videos that are entertaining and fun, but they do occasionally venture into the how-to genre. (See “How to Remove a Hook from a Human Body.”) In his latest video, Håvard Stubø demonstrates how he folds up his waders to keep them from sullying his beloved Volvo, using a method that he calls “The Jazz Ball.” Many of you may already be doing this in a haphazard way, but Håvard offers step-by-step instructions that ensure clean transport every time.

6 thoughts on “Video Pro Tip: How to Store Wet Waders in Your Car”

  1. I too was sure he would shove his boots in the “jazzball”, they usually go in the back of the pickup but this could make the rental car people happy.

  2. Another benefit of the Jazzball – Even breathable waders (especially the booty portion) get clammy inside – the jazzball approach with dry the interior (where the sun don’t shine).

  3. Stop 5… realise your ruining the seems on your waders, go to ikea and buy a plastic box to store them in(or wherever they sell storage boxes with lids)


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